If you are not familiar with the F1 in Schools program, run in Australia by the Re Engineering Australia foundation, then we’d recommend you look into it. It bodes well for Australia’s engineering future, and provides a vehicle for engineering excellence. Literally, a vehicle, pun intended.

We are at the start of a golden age of engineering accessibility for our young up-and-coming engineers, and that is good for everyone.

Genesys has a strong history and ongoing cultural thread of investing back into engineering via the promotion and development of the Australian professional engineering community though Engineers Australia and Fledge. We are also ambitious supporters of young up-and-coming engineers and support the development of young engineering talent though our internship programs and graduate programs. Engineering ethics are also close to our heart, and we will always weave this in with our support conditional upon strong engineering ethics.

Over the past 4 years, we have been working with school students on the F1 in Schools program and supplying them with tooling to monitor the performance of their vehicles. (If you or someone you know needs this, get in touch – they are supplied free to F1 in Schools teams.)

The device is a highly miniaturised & light-weight USB data logger. It is attached to the vehicle and measures acceleration and deceleration profiles. Data is downloaded from the device simply by plugging it into a USB connection – and the device appears as a USB thumb drive.

We are proud to have the support of Circuitwise for their donation of assembly services to this initiative.